IMPETU Dance Center is an academy that opened in 2005 in Caracas, Venezuela. Since then, dedicated to teaching dance classes and activities that are aimed at children from 3 years of age and older. We teach: jazz (and fusions as lyrical jazz, street jazz, latin jazz, etc.), tap, preballet, ballet, contemporary dance, urban styles, among others. In 9 years of operation, IMPETU Dance Center has expanded its reach, with 4 local branches (Venezuela), a current record of over 1100 students (the largest in the country) and more than 4500 students registered over the past 9 years. Its hallmark was the “magic” combination in their classes: art, motivation through creative routines, teachers with high commitment and constant training of our students humanistic values.   This organization has been led and managed by young professionals and entrepreneurs, even beyond the expertise of dance and techniques, has emphasized the development of CULTURAL MANAGEMENT in IMPETU Dance Center is implemented. For this reason, this company has had a significant impact not only in the cultural milieu but has become a business model example for many organizations.   IMPETU Dance Center, in its constant movement and search for new areas to project its art and its essence, decided to open doors across borders, is born: IMPETU Dance Center, City of Doral, Florida (USA). Since 2012 some investigations begin, however it was not until early 2014 that the efforts are focused on making this project a reality with the firm objective to “export” the essence, the warmth and the “magic” that has accompanied our dance from its foundation.

IMPETU @ Venezuela