Claudia Chafardet
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Claudia “Chaffy” Chafardet (TAP Guest Teacher)
Chaffy started in the tap dance from 3 years in the dance academy “Las Voces Blancas” directed by Elisa Soteldo, and since that she complemented with other dance styles such as Ballet, Jazz and Gymnastics. From age 10, Chaffy dance under formation of Yvonne Curry, dancer and choreographer in NYC with whom she had the opportunity to participate in shows like Miss Venezuela, ROUND Awards, Club Disney, RCTV Shows, among others At the age of 17, Chaffy went to live in Penssylvania to complete college and took classes in Mahanoy City in Schuylkill High School and Dance Theater for 1 year. Additionally, she has taken classes at Broadway Dance Center (NYC) For 10 years, Chaffy has been part of Grupo IMPETU, where she not only has continuing her training as a dancer but she has develop many dance students in tap dance of all levels. She is Director of IMPETU Producciones, a company dedicated to the development of activities and initiatives related to arts and entertainment, events and marketing strategies. The latest works she has done has been the 10th anniversary of “Desafío al Movimiento” (CHALLENGE THE MOVEMENT), dance routine of music video from singer Daniel Huen and directed by Nuno Gomes, and the spectacle “Magia IMPETU” of IMPETU Centro de Danza with more than 6000 spectators.