Malory Rivas
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Descripción de Malory Rivas

Manager and Co-founder of IMPETU Centro de Danza (Caracas, Venezuela) in 2005. Malory started dancing with Audrey Lemoine from 15 years old in “Danzas Puerto Azul”. She continued hers urban dance training with Daniel Solorzano and then began Jazz training with Catherine Pintos for many years. Malory got ballet training with Jeannette Rojas in “Ballet Nina Nowak”. Since 2006 began studying Tap Dance ward of Claudia Chafardet and later with the tap teacher Mariana Cover. Handling styles: Jazz, Street Jazz, Theater Jazz and Tap.

Malory has complemented her studies in dance courses at Broadway Dance Center in New York (2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012), with renowned choreographers such as Sheryl Murakamy, Dana Foglia, Jim Cooney, Luam, Sheila Barker, Germaine Salsberg, Avi Miller & Ofer Ben, Jaime Jackson, among others.


Dancer of panamanian singer Mario Spineli (2008), dancer of venezuelan duo “Chino y Nacho“ (2008-2009), ballet dancer for “Miss Venezuela 2009”, dancer in music video “Bla Bla Bla” (Chino y Nacho ft El Potro Alvarez), dancer in music video “Una vaina loca” (Fire feat. El Potro Alvarez), dancer in music video Mad Crazy (Rotimo Soul). Dancer in product launches for brands: Wella Venezuela, Letifem, Lipton Ice Tea, Pepsi, Sony, Matel, Smirnoff, among others. Malory has participated in major roles choreographed with “Al ritmo de la vida” (2007), “Y vivieron felices para siempre?” (2008), “Jacky Huesitos y su extraña Navidad” (2009), “Noche de Broadway” (2011). Dancer in many TV commercial videos. Dancer and and Actress in CHICAGO

The Musical, (Venezuela 2013).